PhD and MS Thesis Graduates


Haidar Moafaq Taofeeq, FS17, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Impact of vertical internals on the hydrodynamics and heat transfer coefficient in a gas-solid fluidized bed"

Zeyu Shang, FS17, Dr. Xinhua Liang, "Atomic/molecular layer deposition prepared size-selective catalysts and supported nickel catalysts"

Mahmoud Mohamed Taha Elsayed Moharam, FS17, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Experimental investigation of natural circulation in separate-and-mixed effects test facility mimicking prismatic modular reactor (PMR) core"

Ibrahim Ahmed Said Abdallah, FS17, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Experimental study of natural convection heat transfer and gaseous dynamics from dual-channel circulation loop"

Vijitha Mohan, SP17, Dr. Parthasakha Neogi, "Mass transfer studies in heavy oil recovery using solvents"

Mohd Fitri Abdul Rahman, SP17, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Trickle bed reactor: local velocities and phase holdups, flow regime and maldistribution identity"

Aastha Ojha, FS16, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Advancing microalgae culturing via bubble dynamics, mass transfer, and dynamic growth investigations"

Amer Al-Shareef, SP16, Dr. Parthasakha Neogi, "Wetting kinetics in forced spreading"

Nilanjana Banerjee, SP16, PhD, Dr. Joontaek Park, "Modeling of rheological properties for entangled polymer systems"

Rajankumar Patel, SP16, PhD, Dr. Xinhua Liang, "Nanostructured materials prepared for atomic layer deposition for catalysis and lithium-ion battery applications"

Hassan Golpour, SP16, PhD, Dr. Joseph Smith, "Design, fabrication, operation and Aspen simulation of oil shale pyrolysis and biomass gasification process using a moving bed downdraft reactor"

Abdelsalam Efhaima, SP16, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Scale-up investigation and hydrodynamics study of gas-solid fluidized bed reactor using advanced non-invasive measurement techniques"

Amer Al-Shareef, SP16, PhD, Dr. Parthasakha Neogi, "Wetting kinetics in forced spreading"

Kyle Buchheit, FS15, PhD, Dr. Joseph Smith, "Process design, dynamics, and techno-economic analysis of a sustainable coal, wind, and small modular nuclear reactor hybrid energy system"

Truynh Tran, FS14, PhD, Dr. Parthasakha Neogi, "Carbon dioxide - heavy oil systems: thermodynamics, transport and interfacial stability"

Vaibhav Khane, SP14, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Experimental and computational of flow of pebbles in a pebble bed nuclear reactor"

Rahman Abdulmohsin, FS13, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Gas dynamics and heat transfer in a packed pebble-bed reactor for the 4th generation nuclear energy"

Faraj Zaid, SP13, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Gas-solid fluidized bed reactors: scale-up, flow regimes identification and hydrodynamics"

Chen Wang, SP13, PhD, Dr. Jee-Ching Wang, "Behavior and effects of nanoparticles in complex fluid systems"

Moses Kagumba, SP13, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Heat transfer and bubble dynamics in bubble and slurry bubble columns with internals for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of clean alternative fuels and chemicals"

Kan Huang, SP13, PhD, Dr. Yangchuan Xing, "Nanoscale metal oxide and supported metal catalysts for Li-air battery"

Shreekanta Aradhya, SP13, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Scaleup and hydrodynamics study of gas-solid spouted beds"

Mohammed Al Mesfer, SP13, PhD, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Effect of dense heat exchanging intervals on the hydrodynamics of bubble column reactors using non-invasive measurement techniques"

Alexandria Niemoeller, FS12, PhD, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Free-radical maleation of poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) in supercritical carbon dioxide and its effect on the percolation and deformation mechanism of layered silicate nanocomposites"

Satya Achanta, FS12, PhD, Dr. David Westenberg, "Meso-scale fluidic devices with chemical sensors for biological applications"

David Harney, SS12, PhD, Dr. Neil Book, "Global homotopy continuation and stability analysis: optimal application to chemical engineering design"

Jason Picou, SP12, PhD, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Glycerin reformation in high temperature and pressure water"

Matthew Factor, SP12, PhD, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Organoclay dispersion in linear low-density polyethylene and maleated linear low-density polyethylene via supercritical carbon dioxide processing"

Jared Bouquet, SP12, PhD, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "The effect of supercritical water on crude glycerin solution"

Gautham Unni, SP11, PhD, Dr. Kimberly Henthorn, "Effect of hydrophobicity and surface roughness on two-phase flow in rectangular microchannels"

Mahin Shahlari, SP11, PhD, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Biodegradable polymer/clay nanocomposites based on poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) and Polylactide"

Zhan Gao, SP11, PhD, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Surface modification of micro-fluidic devices"

Thomas Mills, FS10, PhD, Dr. Oliver Sitton, "Identifying multiple steady states in the design of reactive distillation process"

Pu Zhang, SP10, PhD, Dr. David Henthorn, "The functionalization of single wall carbon nanotubes for bioapplications"

Sean Mickey, SP10, PhD, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Synthesis and characterization of metal decorated bamboo structured carbon nanotubes for hydrogen storage"

Youyou Zheng, FS09, PhD, Dr. David Henthorn, "Protein responsive synthetic materials for biomedical applications"

Enrico Riccardi, FS09, PhD, Dr. Athanasios Liapis, "Rational construction by molecular dynamics modeling and simulations of porous adsorbent media for bioseparation"

Vikram Kanmukhla, FS07, PhD, Dr. Oliver Sitton, "Synthesis, characterization and applications of magnetite nanoparticles"

Santhana Srinvasan, SS07, PhD, Dr. Daniel Forciniti, "Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of oligopeptides, co-oligopeptides and hydroxy acid capped polypeptides in mixed aqueous organic media"

Saritha Sathyanarayanan, FS06, PhD, Dr. Parthasakha Neogi, "Spreading kinetics of constrained thin films"

Xijing Bi, FS06, PhD, Dr. Jee-Ching Wang, "Moleculardynamics study of nanoparticle self-assembly"


Ali Toukan, FS16, MS, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Hydrodynamic of co-current gas liquid upflow in a moving packed bed reactor with porous catalysts"

Sai Palaparty, FS16, MS, Dr. Xinhua Liang, "Surface modification of tin oxide nanoparticles by atomic layer deposition for enhanced electrochemical performance"

Tunyaboon Laemthong, FS16, MS, Dr. Sutapa Barua, "Bioresponsive polymer coating on nanoparticles"

Sai Chandra Teja Boravelli, FS16, MS, Dr. Joseph Smith, "Design, scale-up, Six Sigma in processing difference feedstocks in a fixed bed downdraft biomass gasifier"

Marktus Atanga, FS16, MS, Dr. Ali Rownaghi, "Producing valuable chemicals from light alkanes via oxidative dehydrogenation in the presence of carbon dioxide"

Amit Kant, SS16, MS, Dr. Ali Rownaghi, "Mixed metal oxide catalysts supported on H-Beta for hydrogenolysis of glycerol into 1,3-propanediol"

Ahmed Jasim, SP16, MS, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "The impact of heat exchanging internals on hydrodynamics of bubble column reactor"

Nikitaa Ashokan, SP16, MS, Dr. Xinhua Liang, "Iron phosphide nanostructures as an efficient bifunctional catalysts for water splitting"

Anand Alembath, SP16, MS, Dr. Joseph Smith, "Aspen simulation of oil shale and biomass process"

Siddharth Gopalarkrishnan, FS15, MS, Dr. Xinhua Liang, "1-D coordination polymer of transition metal as a precursor to generate surface active transition metal catalyst"

Akshay Pariti, SS14, MS, Dr. Xinhua Liang, "Gold-magnetite nanoparticle-biomolecule conjugates: synthesis, properties and toxicity studies"

Zachary King, SS14, MS, Dr. Neil Book, "Aspen simulation of furfural and hydroxymethylfurfural production from biomass"

Brian Peterson, SP14, MS, Dr. Joseph Smith, "Techno-economic and life-cycle modeling and analysis of various energy storage technologies coupled with a solar photovoltaic array"

Aastha Ojha, SP14, MS, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahnan, "Quantifying economic benefits for rain infrastructure projects"

Mehdrad Alfi, SP14, MS, Dr. Joontaek Park, "Theoretical analysis of shape separation of particles using flow field-flow fractionation"

Rehman Fazeem, FS13, MS, Dr. Daniel Forciniti, "Protein aggregation at solid/liquid interfaces: a Monte Carlo study with explicit and implicit solvent effects"

Paulina Barranco Morales, FS13, MS, Dr. Daniel Forciniti, "Kinetics of human and bovine insulin amyloid fibril formation in the presence of solid/liquid interfaces"

Phalgun Lolur, SP13, MS, Dr. Daniel Forciniti, "Robust methods for construction of global potential energy surfaces"

Vivek Rao, FS12, MS, Dr. Joseph Smith, "Synthesis of nickel nanoparticles by gamma-radiation and femtosecond laser ablation"

Mohammed Ahmad, FS12, MS, Dr. Parthasakha Neogi, "Displacement of heavy oil by carbon dioxide in a tube"

Rajiv Yandrapati, SP12, MS, Dr. Daniel Forciniti, "Effect of lipid composition on the physical properties of limosomes: a light scattering study"

Kunal Naik, SP12, MS, Dr. Daniel Forciniti, "Formation of amyloid fibrils by diblock peptides"

Pavan Kanchi, FS11, MS, Dr. Jee-Ching Wang, "Thermodynamics of curves in space"

Michael Stever, SS11, MS, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Effects of a nickel reactor liner and other reaction variable during supercritical water reformation of glycerin"

Dhaval Modi, SP11, MS, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Biodiesel production using supercritical methanol"

Candice Luehrs, SP11, MS, Dr. Oliver Sitton, "The feasibility of using bifidobacteria bifidum (ATC 700541) for production of prebiotic oligosaccharides"

Prajakta Bhagwat, SP11, MS, Dr. Yangchuan Xing, "Continuous monitoring of bioactive glass conversion using optical biosensors"

Humayun Shariff, FS10, MS, Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, "Microalge harvesting by flocculation with polymer-coated magnetite particles"

Arvind Nanduri, FS10, MS, Dr. Oliver Sitton, "Optimization of parameters and study of kinetics in lactulose production by lactose isomerization using strong basic anion exchange resin"

Krunal Waghela, SP10, MS, Dr. Jee-Ching Wang, "Fabrication of a memory device using polyaniline nanofibers and gold nanoparticles"

Naveen Lingam, SP10, MS, Dr. Jee-Ching Wang, "Enhanced photorefractivity in a polymeric composite photosensitized with modified carbon nanotubes"

Sarthak Gaur, FS09, MS, Dr. Neil Book, "Development and evaluation of an effective process for the recovery of oil and detoxification of metal from jatropha curcas"

Navina Tungapindi, SP09, MS, Dr. Kimberly Henthorn, "Classification of fine particles using a Taylor-Couette device"

Satysa Putta, SP09, MS, Dr. Sunggyu Lee, "The effects of water to fuel ration on the kinetics of supercritical water reformation of jet fuel"

Ramesh Chembeti, FS08, MS, Dr. Jee-Ching Wang, "A course-grain molecular dynamics study of the nanotribological properties of nanoparticle solutions"

Jie Ding, FS08, MS, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Release and removal of microcystins from microcystins during disinfection treatments"

Sanjeev Rao, SS08, MS, Dr. Yangchuan Xing, "Simulation and optimization of nanostructured electrodes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells"

Jason Picou, SS08, MS, Dr. Sunggyu Lee, "Authorized non-catalytic reformation of jet fuel in a supercritical water medium"

Frency Mathew, SP08, MS, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Removal of heavy metals from electroplating wastewater using rice husk and coconut coir"

Shanti Vusirikala, FS07, MS, Dr. Kimberly Henthorn, "CFD simulation of contact planarization"

Timothy Forbis, FS07, MS, Dr. Oliver Sitton, "Quantitative analysis of size fractionation of magnetic nanoparticles"

Guoqiang Ren, SS07, MS, Dr. Yangchuan Xing, "Sythesis, characterization and application of Pd-Pt bimetallic nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes supported nanocomposites"

Raghavendra Kondurur, SS07, MS, Dr. Daniel Forciniti, "Effect of environmental parameters on the vapor phase concentration on TNT and related compounds in the terrestrial environment"

Rajesekharan Annapoorneswari, SS07, MS, Dr. Kimberly Henthorn, "Fine particle classification using dilute fluidized beds"

Nimisha Shukla, SP07, MS, Dr. Kimberly Henthorn, "Large particle detachment in a microchannel"

Arshita Cheeti, SP07, MS, Dr. Douglas Ludlow, "Impacts of ozonation on the adsorption and surface characteristics of powdered activated carbon"

Sita Akella, SP07, MS, Dr. Kimberly Henthorn, "Synthesis of functionalized N-isopropylacrylamide copolymers and study of their adsorption characteristics in selective entrapment of cations"

Guohua Li, FS06, MS, Dr. David Henthorn, "Transport phenomena study in microdialysis system utilizing CFD method"