Chemical Engineering Programs

With a degree in Chemical Engineering, you will apply the principles of chemistry, mathematics, physics, and biology to study the energy content and composition of materials in order to develop an understanding fo the nature of matter, the forces that act on matter, and the relationship between them. You will get the opportunity to learn about, and work with, reactors and other material processes. There are also opportunities for hands-on experience in which you can conduct research experiments in the lab alongside other students and professors.

You can apply your knowledge of Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering principles to:

  • Obtain pure water from oceans

  • Build artificial limbs and organs

  • Produce pharmaceuticals

  • Develop fuels and fertilizers

  • Conserve energy

  • Reduce air pollution


Undergraduate Programs

Explore and learn more about the following degree's offered by the department:

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with a Biochemical Engineering Emphasis

Graduate Program

Find out more about the Chemical Engineering graduate program offering these degree's:

  • Graduate Certificate in Chemical Process Engineering
  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering