Vice President of Operations (Retired)
 Bacardi Corporation
 San Juan, Puerto Rico

 BS ChE 1965, UMR
 MS ChE 1966, UMR
 PhD ChE 1970, UMR
 Professional Degree ChE 1997, UMR

Upon receiving his doctorate from UMR, Jorge began his postdoctoral work at the University of Tennessee. He began his career with Bacardi Corporation in 1971 working on the Anaerobic Treatment System. His career has progressed to Vice President of Production and Vice President of Operations, having retired in April 2004.In 1995, the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association elected Jorge Manager of the Year. He also holds a patented process for waste treatment by use of an anaerobic filter that Bacardi sells and licenses around the world. Jorge is President of the Board of Directors of the Instituto Psicopedagogico, which is a non-profit institution dedicated to giving service to children with severe mental retardation in Puerto Rico. At the present time, he is doing consulting work for Bacardi Corporation and in the alcohol industry.Jorge and his wife Cristy reside in San Juan. Jorge was inducted into the Academy in 1998.