Chemical Engineering in general and oil refining specifically has produced one of the most fulfilling careers imaginable.  In the 43 years after graduating from Rolla with a MS ChE degree, I have worked for 9 companies in 7 countries and in 26 oil refineries.  My responsibilities during this time have included several refinery manager positions in multiple countries and a VP of Process Engineering position for Holly Frontier from which I retired last year.  

This career has enabled my desire to travel and, to date, the list includes 70 different countries, from Mt Everest in Nepal to the Blue Hole in Belize and most of the continents.  This rich and rewarding time has allowed me to meet many people from all over the world and several I stay connected with and visit as often as possible.  

I have a wonderful wife of 44 years, 2 married children and 3 grandchildren.

I enjoy reading, bridge, walking, numismatics and consider myself an Existentialist, Libertarian, Traveler and Thinker.  It has been a great 43 working years and I'm just starting to define an active retirement.


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