Marvin Havens

Research Scientist
Cryovac Division, Sealed Air

BS ChE ’71, University of Missouri-Rolla
MS ChE ’73, University of Missouri-Rolla
PhD ChE ’76, University of Missouri-Rolla

Marvin (Marv) learned, remembered and applied lessons from his education at the University of Missouri-Rolla. He was able to apply these insights across a wide variety of materials and processes. These areas included polymers, plastic extrusion, multilayer extrusion die, electron beam modification, ethylene production and economics, analytical instrumentation such as non-invasive oxygen determination within a closed package and pilot plant design plus process operations.

One result of this work was forty-one granted US patents. Other work was deemed trade secrets, not to be disclosed in patents. A number of these are still practiced.  Some were published in various journals, encyclopedias, technical standards or as an invited editorial in Design News.

Many of these resulted in significant economics and/or profits. For example, the Chinese saran film extrusion plant was two full years ahead of schedule for profitability. Redirecting the use and sales of a Canadian atmospheric resid produced $40 million income.  Some modifications to one polymer pigment master batch were applied across other master batches for $6 million in annual savings.

In addition, he taught in-house polymer science and polymer processing classes. With Clemson University, he worked to help found their Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films (CAEFF).  Collaboration with chemical engineering students produced some insightful papers, mostly with oxygen and wax diffusion in polymers.

In retirement, he is still busy with polymer and process consulting, particularly with static electricity fires and radiation effects on polymer processing and properties. He helps teach a class where attendants can earn a Radiation Safety Officer Certificate.

One retirement objective is to contribute insights and guidance to his alma mater department and students.