President and Managing Principal
 The Forrester Group
 Springfield, Missouri

 B.S. ChE 1972, University of Missouri-Rolla

Ray K. Forrester is the co-founder, President, and Managing Principal of The Forrester Group, Inc. Along with his wife, Rachel, Mr. Forrester formed The Forrester Group in 1994, and the firm serves clients throughout the U.S., providing environmental site management, litigation support, and management and planning services.

Mr. Forrester is a repeat expert witness for some of the top environmental law practices in the U.S. He has provided expert opinions on cost allocation, insurance coverage; National Contingency Plan ("NCP") consistency; remedy criticism; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ("RCRA") and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act ("CERCLA") issues; persistent bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals; and other related issues. Mr. Forrester has also worked in a variety of environmental remediation projects that include over 50 sites involving Superfund, RCRA, state-led, and voluntary remediations. He has performed all phases of investigation and remediation; negotiated at all levels of government; worked with multiple Potentially Responsible Parties ("PRPs"); and conducted chemical fingerprinting and environmental forensics to determine PRP liability. Prior to founding The Forrester Group, Mr. Forrester's career included roles as Director of Central U. S. Operations for McLaren/Hart Environmental Engineering Corporation, and other management roles with environmental responsibilities at Syntex. He started his career as a chemical engineer at Hoffman-Taff, Inc.

Ray has professional affiliations with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Chemical Society, Tau Beta Pi, Missouri Governor's Dioxin Task Force, Water Pollution Control Federation, and several national and state committees and organizations. Ray and his wife Rachel reside in Springfield, Missouri.