Jack Chosnek  JACK CHOSNEK


 BS ChE, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
 MS ChE, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
 PhD ChE 1975, University of Missouri-Rolla
 MBA, Texas A&M at Corpus Christi

After finishing his doctorate in Chemical Engineering at UMR, Jack joined Celanese Chemicals at their Corpus Christi, Texas, Technical Center, where after a short while he became the head of Chemical Engineering Research.  This group was engaged in developing kinetics and math modeling of catalytic reactors, and in development and scale up of the separations and purification part of a process.  Later Jack became part of a team responsible for developing one of the first pilot plants for biotechnology, for the commercialization of a process for the production of TPA.  This took him to the San Francisco area where he spent two years on the project.

On his return to the Technical Center he was involved with scale up of processes and directed external tolling operations and internal production of pharmaceutical intermediates at the pilot plant scale.

In 1991, Jack transferred to the largest Celanese plant, located in the Houston area, and was charged with developing and implementing a process safety management system that would be compliant with OSHA’s upcoming Process Safety Standard.  For the next few years Jack directed the plant’s process safety activities and was part of the corporate team that developed the company’s process safety standards.  His efforts led him also to become involved in Knowledge Management, and moved to the position of Technology Leader.

In 2000, Jack left Celanese to become an independent consultant in process safety and knowledge management and founded KnowledgeOne.  He has consulted with companies from some of the smallest to the largest (e.g. ExxonMobil, BP) in the areas of chemicals, refining, oil and gas, offshore, waste management and mining.  His areas of expertise are process hazards analysis, LOPA/SIL, dispersion analysis, management of change, incident investigations, gap analyses and audits.  In the last three years Jack was the principal risk engineer in multi-billion dollar projects in the areas of coal to gasoline processing and LNG liquefaction.