Relevant information for transfer students


1.   It is highly recommended to take ChE 2100 (Material and Energy Balances) and ChE 2110 (Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I) together in your first semester at Missouri S&T, or one/both of them over summer if they are available as distance/online courses.

2.   If you have taken Engineering Thermodynamics before but it was transferred here as ME 2519, then you need to take a special one-credit hour ChE 4000 course offered by Dr. Luks to complete ChE 2110 course equivalency.  

3.   FE 1100 (Study and Careers in Engineering) is optional.

4.   Chem 1100 (Introduction to Lab Safety) is required by all engineering departments and curricula.

5.   It takes usually 5 semesters for transfer students to complete their ChE BS degree at Missouri S&T, although it is also possible in four semesters with careful plans and above average course loads.