Faculty research expertise and accomplishments


Dr. Muthanna  H. Al-Dahhan


Dr. Daniel Forciniti

Left: AFM micrograph of amyloid fibrils form - amyloid - β42 peptide.

Right: Crystalline structure of γb crystalline from calf eye lens 
(Najmudin et al., Acta Crystallographica Section D, 49:223-233 (1993)).


Dr. Xinhua Liang

Dr. Xinhua Liang research expertise and accomplishment

Left: ALD deposited Pt nanoparticles on multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

Right: ALD deposited Pt nanoparticles on alumina.

Dr. Athanasios I. Liapis

Dr. Douglas K. Ludlow

Left: Pore structure in a granular activated carbon (Nuchar 90) made from wood.

Right: Pore structure in granular activated carbon (Calgon F400) made from 
bituminous coal. 

Dr. Parthasakha Neogi

Left: Scanning electron microscope image of the edge of a drop of polymer melt 
spreading on mica. Remnants of a thin precursor film shattered during the 
freezing stage, can be observed.

Right: A drop of polymer in a solution has spread. The photograph (by Dr. Wang)
shows the drop where all the solvent has evaporated.


Dr. Joontaek Park

Dr. Joontaek park research expertise and accomplishment

Left: Manipulation of the inhomogeneous flow field to induce the shape dependent
diffusivities for nanoparticle shape separation using Flow-Field-Flow Fractionation
(top) and Shear-Field-Flow Fractionation (bottom).

Right: Snapshots from an experiment of a sedimenting cloud of rigid rods (left)
and a corresponding simulation (right).

Dr. Oliver C. Sitton


Dr. Joseph D. Smith

Dr. Joseph Smith research expertise and accomplishment

¦ Hybrid system uses less carbon resource
¦ Gasifier produces CO2 for HTCE and Syngas for FT Reactor
¦ Sulfur, Urea by-products&nbsp
¦ Ultra low emissions (NOx, CO, PM, Hg)

Dr. Jee-Ching Wang