Dr. Sutapa Barua

   Missouri University of Science and Technology
   210-G Bertelsmeyer Hall
   Rolla, MO 65409
   Phone: 573-341-7551
   E-mail: baruas@mst.edu

   BS ChE, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2003
   MS ChE, Montana State University, 2007
   PhD ChE, Arizona State University, 2011

Research Areas (Lab site)

Engineering nanoparticles for drug delivery, Designing polymers for diagnosis of cancer early, and Fabricating microparticles for regenerative therapy

Research Statement

The overall goal of our research is to expand the knowledge of engineering to the field of biomedical research to help solve problems in improving public health. Our research focuses on three major areas:

  1. Engineering drug delivery systems using biomaterials, and understanding their transport behavior in target tissues
  2. Designing polymeric imaging agents to detect cancer at the early stage, as opposed to diagnose the disease at the late stage
  3. Fabricating microparticle cushions for wound healing

Awards and Honors

2012   Daryl and Marguerite Errett Discovery Award in Biomedical Research, UCSB

2009   Outstanding Research Assistant Award, Chemical Engineering, ASU                   

2007   Participant, Lindau Meeting, Physiology/Medicine Nobel Laureates, Germany   

2005   INRA (Inland Northwest Research Alliance) fellowship, MSU

1998-2002 Dean List Awards, BUET

1996   Bangladesh Government’s Merit Scholarship for holding the 11th position in the merit list in the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination

Representative Publications

S. Barua, J. W. Yoo, S. Mitragotri, et al., “Particle Shape Enhances Specificity of Antibody-Displaying Nanoparticles”, PNAS 110(9), 3270-3275 (2013).

S. Barua and S. Mitragotri, “Synergistic Targeting of Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm and Nucleus of Cancer Cells using Rod-Shaped Nanoparticles”, ACS Nano 7(11), 9558-9570 (2013).

S. Barua and K. Rege, “The influence of Mediators of Intracellular Trafficking on Transgene Expression Efficacy of Polymer-plasmid DNA Complexes”, Biomaterials 31(22), 5894-5902 (2010).

S. Barua, S. M. Cramer, K. Rege, K. et al., “Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Polymers for Nonviral Gene Delivery”, Molecular Pharmaceutics 6(1), 86-97 (2009).

S. Barua and K. Rege, “Cancer-Cell-Phenotype-Dependent Differential Intracellular Trafficking of Unconjugated Quantum Dots”, Small 5(3), 370-76 (2009).