Dr. Jee-Ching Wang

   Missouri University of Science and Technology
   210-H Bertelsmeyer Hall
   Rolla, MO 65409
   Phone: 573-341-6705
   E-mail: jcwang@mst.edu

   BS ChE, National Taiwan University, 1988
   MS ChE, National Taiwan University, 1990
   PhD ChE, The Pennsylvania State University, 1998

Research Areas

Composite Nanoparticles, Complex Fluids, Porous Media, Food Engineering, Biomolecular Transport and adsorption, Molecular Modeling and Simulation Methodologies

Research Statement

Dr. Wang’s research interests and activities are centered around molecular modeling and simulations of systems with complex structures and dynamics.  The essence of this relatively new approach is to study various properties through atomistically constructed model systems, computer simulations, and statistical mechanics.  It is particularly beneficial for complementing conventional methods to study multiscale systems with microstructures and interfaces.  Our current applications include nanoparticle self-assembly, complex nanoconfined fluids, and transport and adsorption of biomolecules in porous media or on a surface.  We are also interested in devising new algorithms to expand the capabilities of molecular modeling and molecular simulation.

Representative Publications

J.-C. Wang, and A. I. Liapis, “Water-Water and Water-Macromolecule Interactions in Food Dehydration and the Effects of the Pore Structures of Food on the Energetics of the Interactions”, Journal of Food Engineering 110, 514 (2012).

J.-C. Wang, and A. I. Liapis, “Design of Polymeric Porous Adsorbent Media and the Dynamic Behavior of Transport and Adsorption of Bioactive Molecules in Such Media”, Chemie Ingenieur Technik 83, 152 (2011).

E. Riccardi, J.-C. Wang, and A. I. Liapis, “Protein Adsorption in Porous Polymeric Adsorbent Particles:  A Multi-Scale Modeling Study on Inner Radial Humps in the Concentration Profiles of Adsorbed Protein Induced by Non-uniform Ligand Density Distributions”, Journal of Separation Science 32, 3084 (2009)

J.-C. Wang, P. Neogi, and D. Forciniti, “On One-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Surfactant-Coated Nanoparticles”, Journal of Chemical Physics 125, 194717 (2006)

S. Subramanian and J.-C. Wang, “Anisotropic Diffusion of n-Butane and n-Decane on a Stepped Surface”, Journal of Chemical Physics 123, 014706 (2005)

J.-C. Wang and S. Saroja, “Modeling Confined Fluids: an NhPT Method”, Molecular Simulation 29, 495 (2003)