Dr. Fateme Razaei

   Missouri University of Science and Technology
   210-B Bertelsmeyer Hall
   Rolla, MO 65409
   Phone: 573-341-7625
   E-mail: rezaeif@mst.edu

  Research Website: http://web.mst.edu/~rezaeif

   BS ChE, Shiraz University, 2004
   PhD ChE, Monash University, Australia, and
                    Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, 2011

Research Areas

Adsorption, Energy Efficient Separation Processes, Process Design, Modeling and Optimization

Research Statement

Our research focus broadly lies at the interface of chemical, materials science and environmental engineering, where the general goal of our work is to develop advanced materials and processes for clean energy and sustainable chemical processes. In particular, our research relates to fundamental and applied aspects of adsorption, separations, purification and reaction. The research activities include: 1) structured adsorbents in gas separation processes; 2) modeling and simulation of cyclic separation processes such as PSA, TSA, VSA; 3) development of hybrid materials for separation, purification and reaction applications; 4) liquid phase adsorptive separation and purification.

Examples of current projects include: 1) monolithic adsorbents for CO2 capture, 2) adsorptive separation of light hydrocarbons, 3) advanced technologies for sour gas removal (SOx, NOx, H2S), 4) development of in-situ separation-reaction processes.

Awards and Honors

International Adsorption Society Award for Excellence in the PhD  Dissertation, USA, 2013

Best Poster Award at Fundamentals of Adsorption Conference (FOA11), USA, 2013                  

Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS), Australia, 2008  

Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (MIPRS), Australia, 2008

Special Award in World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies, Belgium, 2007

Representative Publications

F. Rezaei, S. Swernath, J. Kalyanamaran, R. P. Lively, Y. Kawajiri, and M. J. Realff, “Modeling of Rapid Temperature Swing Adsorption Using Hollow Fiber Sorbents”, Chemical Engineering Science 113, 62–76 (2014).

F. Rezaei and C. W. Jones, "Stability of Supported Amine Adsorbents to SO2 and NOx in Post-combustion CO2 Capture Process. 2. Multi-component Adsorption", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 53, 12103–12110 (2014).

F. Rezaei and C. W. Jones, "Stability of Supported Amine Adsorbents to SO2 and NOx in Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Process. 1. Single-component Adsorption", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 52, 12192–12201 (2013).

F. Rezaei, R. P. Lively, Y. Labreche, G. Chen, W.J . Koros, and C. W. Jones “Aminosilica Hollow Fiber Adsorbents for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5, 3921–3931 (2013).

F. Rezaei and P. Webley, “Optimal Design of Engineered Gas Adsorbents: Pore-scale Level”, Chemical Engineering Science 69, 270–278 (2012).