Dr. Douglas Ludlow

   Missouri University of Science and Technology
   210-B Bertelsmeyer Hall
   Rolla, MO 65409
   Phone: 573-341-6477
   E-mail: dludlow@mst.edu

   BS ChE, Brigham Young University, 1982
   PhD ChE, Arizona State University, 1986

Research Areas

Surface Characterization of Adsorbents and Catalysts; Applications of Fractal Geometry to Surface Morphology

Representative Publications

L. Yu, C. D. Adams, D. K. Ludlow, "Adsorption of MTBE and Alternative Fuel Oxygenates on Granular Activated Carbon", Journal of Environmental Engineering 131(6), (2005).

J. J. Meyers, S. Nahar, D. K. Ludlow, and A. I. Liapis, "Determination of the Pore Connectivity and Pore Size Distribution and Pore Spatial Distribution of Porous Chromatographic Particles from Nitrogen Sorption Measurements and Pore Network Modeling Theory," Journal of Chromatography A 907, 57 (2001).

N. N. Bengiamin, A. Johnson, M. Zidon, D. Moen, and D. K. Ludlow, "The Development of an Undergraduate Distance learning Engineering Degree for Industry - A University/Industry Collaboration," Journal of Engineering Education 87(3), 277 (1998).

M. K. Schwalm, D. K. Ludlow, and H. Ni, "Diffusion of Material and Energy on Vicsek and Related Lattices," in Fractals and Chaos in Chemical Engineering, M. Giona (ed) World Scientific 187 (1997).

J. A. Newell, D. K. Ludlow, and S. P. K. Sternberg, "Development of Oral and Written Communication Skills Across An Integrated Laboratory Sequence," Chemical Engineering Education 31(2), 116 (1997).

Recent ChE Graduate Student Projects Advised

H. M. Kothari, "Epitaxial Electrodeposition of Chiral and Spintronic Metal Oxides" PhD Dissertation, May 2005, University of Missouri - Rolla

S. M. Raman, "A Monte Carlo Discrete Sum (MCDS) Approach to Calculate the Free Energies of Formation and Nucleation Rates of Methanol Clusters," M.S. Thesis, August 2003, University of Missouri - Rolla.Nominated by University of Missouri - Rolla for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Master's Thesis Award.

L. Yu, "Adsorption of MTBE and Alternative Fuel Oxygenates on Granular Activated Carbon," M.S. Thesis, May 2003, University of Missouri - Rolla.

N. Bansal, "Surface Modification of Silica for Inkjet Paper Coatings," M.S. Thesis, May 2003, University of Missouri - Rolla.

P. Lobo, "Effects of grinding on Surface Characteristics of Granular Activated Carbon Used in Rapid Small Scale Tests," M.S. Thesis, May 2003, University of Missouri - Rolla.

H. M. Kothari, "Epitaxial Electrodeposition" M.S. Thesis, May 2002, University of Missouri - Rolla.

R. Jain, "Comparison of Standard Indices to Pore Size distribution for Powder Activated Carbons," M. S. Thesis, December 2001, University of Missouri - Rolla.