Dr. Ali Rownaghi

   Missouri University of Science and Technology
   210Q Bertelsmeyer Hall
   Rolla, MO 65409
   Phone: 573-341-7730
   E-mail: rownaghia@mst.edu

   Research Website: http://web.mst.edu/~rownaghia

   BS Chemistry, University of Mashhad, 2001
   MS Catalysis, University of Tehran, 2004
   PhD Catalysis, University Putra, 2008

Research Areas

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Membrane Gas Separations, Mixed Matrix Membranes for In-situ Reaction and Separation, Carbon Capture and Utilizations, Hybrid Energy Systems

Research Statement

Our primary focus is on creating, understanding, and rationally engineering advanced materials for catalysis, membrane and adsorption applications through innovative and scalable processing strategies. In particular, our research activities include: (1) Sustainable Energy (Upgrading of biomass and natural gas; Biofuels; CO2 capture and utilization; Waste-plastics recycling), (2) Catalysis (Heterogeneous catalysts such as zeolites, supported metals, noble metals and mixed metal oxides; Selective oxidation, hydrogenation, and dehydration; High temperature-high pressure reactions; membrane reactors), (3) Separations (Metal organic framework mixed matrix membranes and adsorbents; Composite hollow fiber membranes for in-situ reaction and separation).

Representative Publications

A. Rownaghi, S. K. Burgess, D. S. Mikkilineni, and W. J. Koros, “Thermochemical Post-treatment Effects on Morphology and Performance of PDMS/Torlon® Composite Hollow Fiber (HF) Membrane”, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (2014).

A. Rownaghi and R. L. Huhnke, “Producing Hydrogen-Rich Gases by Steam Reforming of Syngas Tar over CaO/MgO/NiO Catalysts”, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 1, 80-86 (2013).

A. Rownaghi and J. Hedlund, “Uniform Mesoporous ZSM-5 Single Crystals Catalyst with High Resistance to Coke Formation for Methanol Deoxygenation”, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 151, 26-33 (2012).

A. Rownaghi and J. Hedlund, ”Selective Formation of Light Olefin by n-Hexane Cracking Over HZSM-5: Influence of Crystal Size and Acid Sites of Nano- and Micrometer-Sized Crystals”, Chemical Engineering Journal 191, 528-533 (2012).

A. Rownaghi and J. Hedlund, “Methanol to Gasoline-Range Hydrocarbons: Influence of Nanocrystal Size and Mesoporosity on Catalytic Performance and Product Distribution of ZSM-5”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 50, 11872-11878 (2011).

A. Rownaghi and Y. H. T. Yap, “Solvothermal Synthesis of Vanadium Phosphate Catalysts for n-Butane Oxidation”, Chemical Engineering Journal 155, 514-522 (2009).