2001 Lectureship Recipient

L.E. 'Skip' Scriven

Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

University of Minnesota

April 25, 2001


"Visualization in Research"

Looking and seeing have been important in many researches I have engaged in, alone or through others. I want to interest you with images from visualizations; tell you things about them that may be useful to you somewhere, sometime; and set you thinking again about ways of conducting research. From the scientific engineering of separation and coating processes, and from the sciences of microstructured liquids and of liquids in permeable porous solids I have selected five examples: interfacial tension?driven microconvection; trapping and mobilization of nonwetting liquid in porespace; bicontinuous equilibrium microemulsions and related materials; flow patterns and breakdown in slot and roll coating; nanostructural evolution in drying coatings of colloidal polymer "latex".


"Chemical Engineering Evolves"

The practice of chemical engineering changes. The subdisciplines grow, mature, and give birth to others. The discipline evolves, but the essence is invariant. Since it emerged in North America nearly a century ago, the chemical engineering profession has broadened its base and built on it successfully to fulfill the needs of both the existing and the emerging chemical process technologies of each era. What are the prospects for the new century?

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