Deputy Director
 National Science Foundation
 Arlington, Virginia

 BS ChE 1957, Illinois Institute of Technology
 PhD ChE 1963, Illinois Institute of Technology

Bob started his career as a academic researcher and educator at the University of Missouri-Rolla for 1962-1976. He directed nine Ph.D. theses and 21 MS candidates during this time. He also served as the University Research Coordinator where he advised faculty and administration and oversaw proposal preparation and submittals to Federal agencies. Bob left UMR in 1977 to take a position with the Department of Energy. After leaving UMR to pursue a career in governmental science and engineering service, Bob has continued his contact with UMR, returning occasionally to provide seminars. At DOE, he served as head of several research sections and divisions in the fossil energy program. He was the primary developer of the management and review process for the pioneering DOE University Coal Research program which continues to this day. In 1987, he accepted a position as Deputy Division Director of the CTS Division at the National Science Foundation. He currently serves as Deputy Division Director of the new CBET Division in NSF’s Engineering Directorate. He also serves as NSF Program Officer for Interfacial, Transport, and Thermodynamics. As program officer, he is responsible for administering an annual budget of about $6.0 million for a program of research grants to university professors.

Bob has been active in international activities. He has served in professional societies and has been recognized for service to the profession. In 1990, he was elected as a Fellow at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He has served on the AIChE Continuing Education Committee for many years, and he has served 18 years as Chairman of the Annual “AIChE-NSF Forum”. Bob has continued his scholarly efforts during his government service and co-authored a reference book published by John Wiley (1989) on the subject of “Sample Selection, Aging, and Reactivity of Coal”. Bob and his wife Blima reside in Rockville, Maryland and enjoy ballroom dancing, traveling, and gardening. Bob was inducted into the Academy as an honorary member in 2008.