President (Deceased)
 Lark Engineering Corp.
 St. Louis, Missouri

 BS ChE 1942, University of Missouri-Rolla

In 1942, Ed began his career with Monsanto Company where he was a chemical engineer and worked in the Chemical Warfare Service.  In 1946, he moved to the Foreign Sales Division in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 2004, he acquired a job with the Wagner Electric Corporation where he was plant manager for the Brake Fluid Plant. From 1964 through 2009, Edward was the President of the Lark Engineering Corporation.

Ed was president of Alpha Chi Sigma Education Foundation, a member of the Masonic Order 32nd degree, a trustee of the Bopp Lane Subdivision Town & Country, President of the St. Louis Air Pollution Control Association, and a member of an Amateur Radio Club. Edward and his wife Virginia (also deceased) resided in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ed was national president (Grand Master Alchemist) of Alpha Chi Sigma 1968-1970. During the 1970 conclave, he worked hard to change the constitution to admit women. This last restrictive clause was eliminated as of September 1, 1971. Ed and the Beta Delta Chapter (UMR) were the key to change a failed vote, to a vote which was reconsidered and passed. On the effective day, 3 women were initiated into the Chapter at Rolla. He received the Kuebler Award for his efforts, the highest award by Alpha Chi Sigma.