Ms. Kay A. Modi has over 40 years of Safety, Health, and Environment and process engineering experience in industry, government, and consulting. She began working for Shell Oil Company in Texas in May 1979 as a chemical engineer and transferred into the environmental, health, and safety department to address projects with these perspectives. This occurred right after the catastrophic incident in Bhopal, India and led into training on modeling and consequence analysis of major releases. She continued her career in Denver while working for the US EPA and studied human health risk analysis associated with toxic releases into the environment. Throughout the remainder of her career in various locations of the US, she continued to study and analyze risk to the public and employees from industrial processes.  She began training other professionals in 1992 on how to perform these analyses and began professionally writing and speaking at conferences.

Ms. Modi continued her career while balancing family obligations and preferred consulting for industry to provide flexibility in work. She has written over 11 technical papers and presented them at national conferences on the various subjects of environmental, health, and safety impact to employees and the public near industrial sites. These activities also included public meetings with communities near industrial sites. Projects included assessing the materials released from industrial processes, such as toxics, flammable materials, and greenhouse gases.

Ms. Modi’s work in the later years of her career focused on industry’s corporate programs to develop assessments of their facilities and potential merger and acquisition of companies. Throughout her career she has been involved in training young engineers in her fields of expertise. Throughout her career she continued formal studies of geology, meteorology, and water management. She has volunteered within her communities for rehabilitation of wild raptors, artist organizations, environmental cleanup of water systems, and various educational programs within public schools.