John R. Knapp, Jr.  JOHN R. KNAPP, JR

 Senior Vice President of Operations (Retired), Site Manager
 Zinc Corporation of America
 Bartlesville, Oklahoma

 BS ChE 1958, Missouri School of Mines & Metallurgy, Rolla
 MS ChE 1960, Missouri School of Mines & Metallurgy, Rolla
 Management Program for Executives, University of Pittsburgh
 Graduate Work in Metallurgy, Carnegie Institute of Technology

John began his career for the St. Joe Zinc Company in 1965, with an open assignment to assist the operating departments.  After defining quality control and trace element problems he was promoted to Plant Metallurgist with direct responsibility for plant quality control.  The major project initiated was the proper handling and recovery of mercury from selected feed concentrates with over 38 tons of elemental mercury being recovered to date.  John was moved to Assistant Superintendent of the Metallurgical Control Department with a year and was assigned to the design and construction of a Metallurgical Control center to provide modern analytical and process controls with a $2 million budget.  With four years, John was promoted into operations’ supervision as Superintendent of the Secondary Materials Department and with a year managed four major changes for the company.  In 1973, John was promoted to Superintendent of the Furnace and Refinery Department to rectify poor smelting furnace performance.  John went on to become the General Superintendent-Smelting.

In 1980, John moved to the National Zinc Company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma as Secondary Superintendent.  He advanced in his career to Plant Manager of Zinc Corporation of America then Senior Vice President of Operations.  He retired in 2000 as Senior Vice President of Operations and Site Manager.

John has one patent and three publications.  He received the George B. Hogaboom Award and the Carl E. Heussner Award in 1966.  He has been a Chairman of a Township Planning Commission for several years and was elected Township Supervisor in a public election.  John and his wife Patsy reside in Mounds, Oklahoma.