Space Tribology Consultant
 ATK/Swales Aerospace
 Beltsville, Maryland

 BS ChE 1962, University of Missouri-Rolla
 Graduate Studies in Org. Chem. 1962-1963, University of Wisconsin
 PhD, Mech Eng 1989, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

William taught school in west Africa with the Peace Corps and then began a 37 year career with NASA Glenn (Lewis) Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio As a senior research engineer, William developed a total hip simulator, designed and operated a high temperature vane pump loop to test liquid lubricants for the supersonic transport, developed a number of advanced additives for use in space liquid lubricants, oversaw 20 different SBIR and grant programs involving lubricant synthesis, including perfluoropolyethers and silahydrocarbons. In addition, he advanced the state of Spiral Orbit Tribometry by publishing twenty related research papers, championed the development of this unique test device to be a new ASTM standard and is president of Spiralab, LLC, formed to design and market the Spiral Orbit Tribometer from 2005 to the present.

William has published over 200 technical publications and memos and one patent disclosure. He co-authored the section “Lubrication in Space” in the CRC Handbook of Lubrication. He is a member of STLE since 1966, ASTM since 2005, and a member and chairperson of the joint STLE/ASME Tribology Conference from 1979-1989. He has been awarded the NASA Glenn Research Center, Best Paper of the Year, Space Flight Awareness Award, NASA Technical Brief Awards ( 2003 & 2005), and a Space Act Award in 2005. He is currently a member of the NASA Engineering and Safety Committee (NESC) which investigates problems occurring on the Space Shuttle and Space Station. William resides in Marana, Arizona in the winter and N. Olmsted, Ohio in the summer. William was inducted into the Academy in 2008.