Research Associate (Retired)
 Exxon Production Research Company
 Houston, Texas

 BS ChE 1950, MSM

George started his career with Carter Oil Company in Tulsa in 1950 and moved to Jersey Production Research Company in 1957. In 1965, another move took him to Esso (later known as Exxon) Production Research Company where he became a Research Specialist, a Senior Research Specialist, and a Research Associate with a specialization in geochemistry and geophysics. He is a member of the American Chemical Society. George volunteers his time at a Tulsa middle school and is also active in the Knights of Columbus. He and his wife Barbara have been members of the Order of the Golden Shillelagh since 1989. He received the Chancellor Medal in May of 1999 for outstanding personal support of his alma mater. The George and Barbara Jamieson Endowed Scholarship Fund has been established to help chemical engineering students. George and Barbara reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. George was inducted into the Academy in 1996.