Senior Engineer
 ABS Consulting
 Houston, Texas

 BS ChE 1972, UMR
 MS ChE 1973, UMR
 PhD ChE 1980, UMR

As a Senior Fellow in the Environmental, Health, and Safety Department, Randy serves as a consultant in the areas of Reliability Engineering, Risk Assessment, and Environmental Control for Monsanto (now Solutia), where he has worked since 1974. In 1999, Randy made a career change to the ABS Group in Houston, Texas. An active member of the AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety-Risk Assessment Subcommittee, he is currently the Second Vice Chairman of the Safety and Health Division and is a former director of the Environmental Division of AIChE. Dr. Freeman is a registered professional engineer in Missouri and Texas. He holds special certifications in safety and environmental engineering as a Certified Safety Professional and Diplomat of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. At MSM-UMR, Randy serves on the Industrial Advisory Committee for the Chemical Engineering Department. He and his wife Cecelia were inducted into OGS in 1998, and they reside in Houston, Texas. Randy was inducted into the Academy in 1997.