Global Sourcing Manager
 DuPont Engineering Polymers
 Wilmington, Delaware

 BS ChE, 1980, Missouri S&T
 Professional Degree ChE 1996, UMR

Since graduating from Missouri S&T, Lynn has worked at DuPont where she is currently the Global Sourcing Manager for the Engineering Polymers businesses. This is a new assignment following her recent return to the US after a four year posting as the Site Director and Unit Manager for the DELRIN* operation at DuPont's Dordrecht Works in the Netherlands. Prior to moving to Europe, she was the Plant Manager of the East Chicago plant. Ms. Flaim's career at DuPont has spanned five plants, nine product lines, and several areas of responsibility including research engineer, shift supervisor, business analyst, merchandising representative, area manager, and business unit manager. Her skills in team building, operations management, and adaptation to new businesses and environments have been the foundation of her success within the company.

In many cases, Lynn was a pioneer; she is the first woman engineer to work at the New Johnsonville, Tennessee Plant, the first woman engineer to become a shift supervisor in that plant, the first female area production manager, the first female Business Unit Manager at the Chambers Works in New Jersey, and now the first female Academy member.

At Missouri S&T, she has been a member of the Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Council and the Dean of Engineering Advisory Council since their inception (inactive during her time in Europe). She also participates as a mentor via Mentornet, an Internet based mentoring process for engineering students. She and her husband Mike reside in Greenville, Delaware. Lynn was inducted into the Academy in 2001.