Process/Product Manager
 Buckeye Cotton Oil Company
 Procter & Gamble Subsidiary
 Memphis, Tennessee

 BS ChE 1951, Missouri School of Mines

After completing a Chemical Engineering education in January of 1951, Donald accepted a position with the Buckeye Cotton Oil Company (a Procter and Gamble subsidiary) in Memphis, Tennessee. His career took a slight change after six months - a two year tour in the Army (Scientific and Professional MOS Chemical Corp). Donald returned to Buckeye - then resumed his unusual and challenging career; working at one plant for 29 years. This is a processing plant for the purification of cotton linters (the fuzz on the cotton seed after the staple fiber is removed). This is a unique industry - supplying companies with purified cellulose as a raw material namely: acetate plastic, paper products, laminated plastics, and nitro cellulose (gun powder). Our process presented a real challenge - not an industry standard. We developed our own process steps, adjusting each to the individual product needs. Donald's management positions over his career stayed in Quality Control: Control Lab Manager, Chemical Supervisors, and Process/Product Manager. The major accomplishment during his career is being part of an engineering/process team to change a 50 year batch process to a continuous process during the last ten years of his career, and being a member of the Oil Chemist Society for 35 years - Chairman of the Cellulose Yield Committee for 30 years (measuring the yield of the raw cotton linters). Donald has enjoyed his challenging career (even staying in one plant). His Chemical Engineering education at the University of Missouri-Rolla provided the basis of his career. Also, Procter and Gamble proved to be a great choice for his career. Donald is now retied - living and traveling with an IRA proved by his P&G trust fund.