Edward C. Bonney

Retired, Quality & Compliance Management
Corteva AgriScience/ Dow Agro Sciences 

BS ChE ’79, Missouri University of Science & Technology

BA Biology ‘77, Westminster College, Fulton, MO

Masters – Business Administration ‘95, McNeese State University

After starting his career in 1979, Ed spent approximately 20 years in process, project, construction, and management roles at several chemical companies.  His experiences included agricultural chemicals, specialty chemicals, and polymer production.

In 1998 Ed and his family moved to St. Louis as he began an IT Career with Monsanto.  After several years, he moved into seed production as the Monsanto North American Seed Manufacturing Quality Lead. This led to a similar quality role with Monsanto Biotechnology.  Ed retired from Monsanto in 2013 and began a quality management career with Dow AgroSciences.  When Dow and DuPont merged in 2017, Ed assumed a transition role with DowDuPont, working to merge the quality management practices of Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences at Corteva AgriScience.  He retired from that role in March of this year.

During the last 10 years of his career he was actively involved in science outreach activities with Monsanto, Dow, and the Chemical Educational Foundation. 

Ed’s hobbies include aviation, forestry, wildlife conservation, hunting, golf, and sailing. He and his wife Beth reside in Labadie, Missouri.