Research Associate (Deceased)
Corning, Inc.
Corning, New York

BS ChE 1943, MSM
MS ChE 1950, Washington University

In 1943, Harvey joined a Shell Oil Refinery where he supervised the Asphalt Laboratory. During 1944-45, he was an Electronic Technician in the US Navy. Harvey was employed by Monsanto Company as a Chemical Engineer from 1951-56. In 1956, he changed his profession to process statistician and set up the first statistics group for Monsanto at their J.F. Queeny Plant. During 1956-66, he was very active in the St. Louis section of the American Society for Quality Control, passing through all the chairs of the Section. He joined Corning Glass Works (now Corning, Inc.) in 1966 doing trouble-shooting in plants. As a Research Associate, he moved to their Central Laboratories helping scientists with various inventions such as sunglasses that darken in the sun, and the glass wave-guide fiber. Harvey has published papers on evolutionary operations, ruggedness tests, random balance designs, and a section on Evolutionary Operation in Juran's "Quality Control Handbook". He is a Fellow and Certified Quality Engineer of the American Society for Quality, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society of Britain, and a member of the American Chemical Society. Harvey passed away on February 7, 2002.His wife Ester resides in Elmira, New York. Harvey was inducted into the Academy in 1998.